A tale of change and adaption.

In March 2020 the world changed. Many thought it would revert quickly to life as it was before and that our behaviours would also revert to what we were used to and comfortable with.

But it has not been so. We are now a society of masks. Yet in other ways we are dropping our masks and are connecting and sharing in ways we would not have done before. We are also appreciating and valuing different things. The definitions of ‘I’ and ‘We’ are changing.

Our team participated in a lockdown activity called a “one-sentence-story”. Each person was asked to write one sentence and the only information given was the sentence written before theirs. Here’s how it went…

We are now a society of masks.

I do miss people smiling at me, but I also like covering up my resting-bitch-face and just relaxing.

Plus, it means more eye contact, so I can get a sense of how my present look is really affecting those I come into contact with.

Eye contact is central to our human experience and can help deepen a relationship and draw you closer to another person.

Try looking directly into the camera during your next zoom meeting to enhance the feeling of connection.

Breathe in deeply and appreciate every moment of connection.

Because every connection gives you light and helps you grow.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously influence other people around us to do the same.

It is important to live each day to its full potential so that we may provide some inspiration and help to others.

Because I have the power to make a positive or negative contribution, so what do I want to do? Live in the now and make a positive difference to others.

Because life is too short to do anything less.

So I have decided to follow my childhood dream of becoming a professional croquet player.

I may not be the greatest player, but I have the natural ability to whack the balls with just enough pressure.

Embrace this pressure – do not shy away, after all there would be no diamonds if it weren’t for pressure.

So the choice is yours: crumble and be another lump of coal, or persevere, and morph yourself into a diamond.

But take full consideration before you make a choice.

Because making a choice is not easy, it can be hard and stressful.

During your life you are faced with many decisions, you have the choice to turn the page, finish the chapter or complete the book.

Once you realise everything is impermanent, the decisions are easier.

What defines us is how well we rise after falling.

How about we just lay back and relax after falling?

Because maybe, where we land will give us a sense of belonging.

Like pioneers travelling in canoes at night – you don’t know what lies ahead.

Turning back is not an option, we look forward with excitement taking one step at a time, together, with courage.

The End.
We hope you enjoyed our little lockdown exercise!

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