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To know where you are going, you must have a vision.
We’ve all planned holidays at some point in our lives. We envision what it will look like and anticipate how it will feel. That vision gives us something to look forward to and an incentive to do what we need to get there. In a business context, the vision is where you want to be, […]
Random 2023 reflections
It’s around this time when I start thinking about next year, and reflect on the past year. Below are some random reflections that popped into my head while writing. Overcoming Overwhelm Trying to think through the day, the week, the year, and everything that needs to be done is the worst psyche out for me. […]
5 reasons why regular business valuations are key
1. Focused growth For businesses generating over $2m in revenue and achieving solid profits (or, even if not), regular valuations could help boost your bottom line even higher. A good valuation identifies the drivers of value in your business. These are identified by researching the industry and by asking relevant questions to the directors and/or […]
Wealth & Succession Points to Note
An owner and director of a 150-year-old Auckland iconic business, an Auckland accountant who has been building, guiding, and governing businesses for at least 35 years, and two second-generation (G2) owners who, through tragic circumstances, suddenly found themselves at the helm of their family businesses. They all walk into a bar… Well, not into a […]
The responsibility of co-owning a business
Eighteen months ago, I became 25% owner of a business… and guess which one? I was given the opportunity to join three of my colleagues who I had worked with for the previous eight years. I respect and admire all of them in different ways. We are also fortunate in that each of our key […]