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Wealth & Succession Points to Note
An owner and director of a 150-year-old Auckland iconic business, an Auckland accountant who has been building, guiding, and governing businesses for at least 35 years, and two second-generation (G2) owners who, through tragic circumstances, suddenly found themselves at the helm of their family businesses. They all walk into a bar… Well, not into a […]
The responsibility of co-owning a business
Eighteen months ago, I became 25% owner of a business… and guess which one? I was given the opportunity to join three of my colleagues who I had worked with for the previous eight years. I respect and admire all of them in different ways. We are also fortunate in that each of our key […]
Start-ups: looking at financial viability
So, you have been working on a bright business idea for some time, one which could change the world, or at least some part of the world, and now it is time to make it a reality. At some point this will require financial investment, with either personal savings, or it may mean sacrificing the […]
A world where trust trumps fear
Whilst the lockdowns of sixteen months ago affected everyone’s lives differently, it gave us time to gain perspective and adjust our priorities (and no – this is not another Covid article). For many, being required to physically distance ourselves from our families, friends, and generally others has reminded us how important human contact and connection […]
Women Led Ventures – let’s do ‘better’
Revisiting the dynamics of raising capital for start-ups and growth companies over this series of articles, has reminded me of the low statistics of women led businesses able to obtain venture capital (VC) funding. Less than 5% of VC funding worldwide are to women led businesses, and even less for women of colour. On the […]