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A life-long journey of time management
Tick, tick, tick, tick…does this remind you anything? Time. It continually ticks, running eternally without pause. It is the most precious and finite resource. It accompanies us throughout our journey from the moment of birth to the golden years of retirement. Each different life stage presents its own challenges, opportunities, and demands on our time, […]
KPIs are dead: long live Personal Goals
KPIs are short for key performance indicator’s used to measure your employee’s performance. They can be financial, customer, or process-focused. The thing is, generationally, I believe we’ve moved away from using them, and for some businesses, they haven’t even noticed. The catchphrase used to be “work hard, play hard”; nowadays, it’s “work-life balance”. My career […]
Caught up in a fast-paced world
Monday morning begins. The predictable annoyance of the alarm clock melody pulls me out of bed, and muscle memory takes charge. There’s no time to spare. Two outfit changes and a coffee down the hatch. The door shuts behind me as I quickly jog my three tote bags to the car. Traffic is heavy, but […]
Stop procrastinating. Be like Nike.
We are halfway through the year and about 180 days away from the next one, Christmas trees start going up in three months, and January’s intentions have been brought to my attention again. It sinks in, the thief that time really is. When you know what you want, do you immediately go for it? Do […]
The importance of gratitude
We are tired. The pandemic has exhausted us all – and yes, the feeling is still there. Inflation is high, mortgage rates are high, the cost of living is through the roof, and the kids never seem to be at school! Maybe it’s therapeutic to whinge and grizzle and bemoan about it with friends – […]