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Perspective is power
One person will see the Willow tree as protection from the sun, another, will see the shade it provides as cold and unwelcoming. Another will see the Willow tree as an obstacle in their way, yet one will stop to appreciate its beauty, and yet another wouldn’t even notice the Willow tree – to them, […]
Some life changing finds
Every year I stumble across a whole lot of cool new things – books, apps, music, websites. They make life a little easier and/or a little more interesting. Sometimes I find things that are cutting-edge, sometimes I’m a bit late to the game. But they’re new to me and help me grow as a person. […]
A tale of change and adaption. In March 2020 the world changed. Many thought it would revert quickly to life as it was before and that our behaviours would also revert to what we were used to and comfortable with. But it has not been so. We are now a society of masks. Yet in […]
What makes GS different?
It’s almost cliché, just about every business out there wants to believe they are different. But I thought it may be interesting to hear what makes Gilligan Sheppard stand out, from an employee point of view. It was 2003 and I was pregnant. As I had difficulty conceiving, this was a time of immense joy. […]
Why your debt story matters
I have been compiling articles into a book based on wealth and succession – a series written by Bruce Sheppard and some of his professional colleagues. One such article was “Why your family wealth story matters.” It encourages you to talk about how your family’s wealth was created. Various reasonings, but essentially the advice was […]