Lily Li

Tax Manager

Lily Li has more than a decade of experience in accounting and tax. Her time spent working as a BAS accountant for various accounting/CA firms, has given her substantial knowledge in preparing income tax returns, indirect tax returns and tax adjustments for industries and business of all types. Six years later, Lily joined IRD as a customer compliance specialist/tax investigator where she focused on reviewing and investigating all aspects of tax to ensure compliance within the legislation. Lily brings her expertise in managing IR risk review processes and disputes to GS with great confidence. She takes pleasure in helping our clients to understand and cope with the tax implications faced in their day-to-day business activities and making life easier for those who just simply need the job done. Side note, Lily moved on from GS in 2022 to seek something different. She joined EY’s transfer pricing team. But 10 months later, she missed GS so much she just had to come back! And Richard couldn’t be happier.


Being a mother of two beautiful daughters (the youngest being one and a half, and the oldest six years old), Lily has learnt that motherhood is not always full of laughter and joy, of course there are many moments where a sleep in is at the top of the wish list, a vacation or just simply a quiet moment! But the experience has certainly helped Lily to grow personally and brought great purpose and immense joy into her life. Lily enjoys getting creative in the kitchen whilst multitasking her attention to Netflix streaming in the background (the simple pleasures!) And takes care of her mental and physical health by practising hot yoga – its amazing what a 90-minute session can do! One thing on Lily’s bucket list at the moment is to travel around the world, but of course, we can only wait out the uncertainty first.

Family Deets:

Married, two daughters and a cat

Fav Food:


Fav Drink:

Red wine and sparkling water

Leisure Activity:

Having a spa and reading a book

  • IRD dispute
  • IRD risk review
  • Tax opinion
  • Short process rulings
  • FBT
  • GST
  • International Tax
  • Research and development tax incentive