Tori no longer works for GS. For any enquiries, please contact Lisa.

Tori Munyard

Cert. Digital Design & Creative Media
Cert. Copywriting
Cert. Preparation for Law Enforcement
Vision6 Certified EME

Tori Munyard is a member of our marketing team where she uses her proofing, editing and branding skills to look after content cycles for both Gilligan Sheppard and our clients. This includes updating website blogs, publishing and proofing newsletters and posting to social media for businesses and individuals.

After her schooling years, Tori earned her certificate in Preparation for Law Enforcement. Here she learned how to deal with various personality types and behaviors.

Leaving her Auckland life, Tori spent some time travelling. Her year in Rarotonga helped her to slow down and enjoy ‘island time’. Working in resorts, she met people from all over the world experiencing many different cultures and languages. Tori enabled the resort restaurants she worked for to setup and manage new social media channels. The photography, promotions and campaigns sparked an excited interest and she returned home to pursue her career in the marketing industry. Enrolling at the Yoobee School of Design, Tori completed a certificate in Digital Design and Creative Media, enjoying the deep-dive into various software and feeling inspired by the creative people influencing the students.

Now at Gilligan Sheppard, Tori is Lisa’s right hand. She enjoys the multi-tasking, especially with the creative and intelligent thinking required to make our clients look good!

“If you want to change anything in your life, change the channel and change the frequency by changing your thoughts.”

Tori will be best described as your foodie, gym junkie (because of the foodie bit) and a social butterfly – she often brings her friends and family together for gatherings and is usually the one mixing the drinks, setting the vibe with the right music and keeping everyone happy.

Grown up in a small town, Tori is still best friends with her kindergarten buddies! Tori has lived and attended school in East Auckland, Whitianga and Waiheke Island.

The foodie part of Tori sees her ticking off a list filled with cafes, restaurants, and bars – even if it means a spontaneous road trip.

Tori is the one on the dance floor, at the latest music festival or hunting down the nearest real-fruit ice cream truck. In-between all the fun, Tori chill outs by tapping into her creative side with photography and journaling.

Biggest Fear:

Paranormal activity

Fav Location:

Whitianga & Queenstown

Fav Food:


Fav Drink:


Sport Played:

Netball, MMA, Jujitsu, Dance, Touch Rugby

Leisure Activity:

Wine & dine, Concerts