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End of financial year checklist
It’s that time of year when you’re either scrambling to file your last financial year before the end of March or gearing up to complete another financial year. When preparing for the year-end, you may want to start collecting the documents or information you’ll need to provide to your accountant (including but not limited to): […]
Marketing on a budget: Smart strategies for small to medium businesses
As a business owner, allocating resources effectively is crucial for growth and success. One area that often gets overlooked or underfunded is marketing. However, even modest marketing efforts can yield significant returns with the right strategies and a well-planned budget. Setting a realistic marketing budget A common rule of thumb is to allocate 2-5% of […]
Financial numbers explained…with beer.
My passion as an accountant for small to medium-sized businesses is to “dumb down” accounting to each business owner so they can make informed, comfortable decisions about their business. Often, I hear the words, “I am working my backside off, and it feels like I am treading water, if not sinking”, or “Maybe I must […]
What is a family office?
What is a “Family Office”, Why have one, what have others done, and what choices exist? The “Family Office” is a relatively new label for a relatively old structure Family offices have their origins in the sixth century, when a Kings steward was responsible for managing royal wealth. The modern concept of the family office […]
Employee development: comfort is the enemy of progress
Your professional development as an employee holds an integral part of what makes you thrive in the workplace. When we are given the tools and opportunities to grow, it not only benefits us individually, but it also contributes to the overall success of the company, which brings positive impacts for others within the organisation. Ensuring […]