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Financial literacy and relationship property: a guide for Family Office children
Children in Family Office environments have the unique advantage of growing up with considerable financial resources at their disposal. However, with this privilege comes the responsibility of managing wealth wisely and understanding the legalities surrounding relationship property. In many of the families we work with, financial management often falls into the hands of an individual. [...]
Why don’t we talk about wealth?
Is it because we are paranoid, insecure, embarrassed, or awkward? Or is it that we don’t want to be judged or thought of as offensive or ostentatious? Perhaps our family values and traditions have made wealth a subject to be discussed behind closed doors. Or maybe we just like a little privacy regarding our personal […]
The Family Office: feeling humbled
It feels like the right time of year to sit back and reflect on what’s been happening, and what’s to come. When I am trusted to take care of administration on behalf of another person or family, I never take it for granted and it’s something I hold in great esteem. I’m feeling very privileged […]
The Trusted Circle of Wagons
The suite of professionals, or what Bruce likes to call them, The Circle of Wagons. The Circle of Wagons Definition: to gather a group of people together to protect them from being attacked. Back in the day of wagons, animals and Indians, they moved wagons during the day in single file. When night approached, they […]
Freedom and choice: the next generation
What do we value most in life?  The freedom to choose. Naturally, our children value this as well.  So why do we sometimes impose tasks and responsibilities onto them that we assume they want, assume they are skilled to do and potentially trap them into a life without choice? I call this pigeonholing. To “pigeonhole” […]