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The recipe for successful family investing
When you have decided on where you and your family want to direct the wealth you have created for impact and purpose, the next stage is to plan the investment strategy to make this a sustainable reality. The ‘base layer’ portfolio needs to take care of supporting family members’ needs and wants, the impact of […]
Wealth is important, economically.
I have written this series of articles because wealth, its accumulation, and how it is deployed is important. New Zealand as a nation doesn’t respect wealth, nor does it celebrate the successes of wealth’s effective deployment. Wealth concentration is seen as a bad thing and NZ has one of the highest rates of wealth disparity […]
The purpose of purpose
The counter theory of course, is that life is pointless. We are born, we die and then there is nothing. Perhaps we are simply organisms, a viral infection on the planet we call Earth, and our only purpose is to breed and create more viruses. If so, we are a biological specimen where each seeks […]
What your kids need to know about the family fortune (part two)
Authored by: Evana Lithgow, of Working Minds Talking to your children about your wealth and preparing them for a place in the family’s business or fortune can be enjoyable. But it can also be daunting if the topic is new to you and them or if relationships are distant. The key is that your approach is aligned […]
Why your family wealth story matters
It’s never too early or late to start telling the next generation the story of how your family’s wealth was created. Stories are powerful and can create lasting bonds and a legacy to pass from generation to generation. But for many people, starting such a conversation falls into the too-hard basket. For some it’s a […]