Debra Houghton

Practice Manager

Debra Houghton has worked in and with accounting firms for over 25 years. Debra thrives in an environment filled with variety and challenges. She leads the administration team and manages our Family Office service.

Debra enjoys project management of new systems and ideas, consulting and building relationships as well as working with clients and providing a platinum service.

Sharing ideas and knowledge is vital to providing clients with a better service and also ensures a better understanding of business. Debra has spoken and presented at conferences where she gets to champion products and services she has researched and established at Gilligan Sheppard.

Debra strives to be encouraging and excited over changes regardless of whether it is a system change, premises change, team changes or even culture changes as practices evolve and prepare for the future. Her belief is that energy and excitement makes a difference, because it helps everyone else to see the possibilities.

Don’t hold on to the old just because it is familiar and comfortable! And like we often say “the journey is half of the fun!”

Outside of work, Debra has a keen interest in water-skiing, wakeboarding and spending time outdoors. Do-it-yourself and renovation projects are also high on the list of fun things to do, from painting the outside of a three level home to tiling bathrooms and installing kitchens. A priority for her is time with family and friends.

Family Deets:

Three adult children and Nana to two grandsons and one granddaughter

Fav Location:


Fav Food:

Pies & Chips

Fav Drink:

Orange juice

Fav Movie:

Phantom of the Opera

Sport Played:


Leisure Activity:

Water Skiing

Best Holiday:

USA with the teenagers


Project Management
Family Office
Consulting – Practice Management
I.T. and Systems
Setting up Admin Teams, including outsourcing