Richard Ashby

International Tax Specialist
Partner and Tax Team Lead
Board and Leadership Team Member

Richard was born and bred in Waipu, a delightful country town about 30 minutes south of Whangarei.

Leaving school at the age of 16, Richard intended to study his accounting degree fulltime at Northland Polytechnic. Instead, he took up a position with the IRD in Whangarei. Four years later he transferred to the Henderson office. After three and a half years there, he decided it was time to change sides.

He took an accounting position at a small CA firm. After 18 months he chased the opportunity for more of a challenge, which brought him through the doors of Gilligan Sheppard.

Having spent most of his time at the IRD in the investigations unit, Richard’s passion for tax stuck and he eventually became Gilligan Sheppard’s tax partner.

Richard has had over 30 years’ experience with NZ taxation, and particularly enjoys dealing with land tax issues and the GST regime. He deals with clients of all types and sizes and provides tax opinions on the appropriate treatment of items of income and expenditure, assists clients with IRD risk reviews and audits and can assist clients who are having difficulties meeting their tax payment obligations to make suitable repayment arrangements with the IRD.

Richard’s services are also offered to other accountants, who either may not have their own internal tax resource, or who are simply looking for a second opinion. The service offering ranges from basic Q&A type enquiries, through to more detailed, written opinions.

Finally, Richard has a wealth of experience in dealing with cross border structuring and taxation advice, assisting both NZ clients looking to expand their activities offshore, or those who are offshore, looking to enter the NZ environment. He has developed a global affiliation with likeminded colleagues in most foreign taxing jurisdictions, which provides the added advantage of being able to put his clients in touch, with trusted, on-the-ground local advisors.

Richard strives to maintain a good work/life balance. Outside of the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, riding his road bike and playing squash.

Fav Location:

Waipu, NZ

Fav Food:


Fav Movie:

Shawshank Redemption

Sport Played:


Leisure Activity:

Road Cycling

Best Holiday:

UK trip 2016


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