Lisa Garrud

Marketing Executive

Lisa Garrud has worked in the marketing industry for nearly 30 years with roles from graphic designer through to sales manager, then onto workflow management before starting up her own company providing services in websites, design, and content marketing to other businesses.

At Gilligan Sheppard Lisa’s time is split between GS marketing and marketing for our clients, it keeps her workload varied, which is just how she likes it.

What first attracted Lisa to Gilligan Sheppard is how different they are. It seems like people on the outside looking in, view accountants as rather boring types, but in fact, she found the opposite to be true. Water skiers, pageant queens, Viking helmet models, marathon runners, bodybuilders… there is no end to the interesting people working behind the GS desks.

Lisa Garrud’s marketing expertise helps look after the Gilligan Sheppard brand which includes the website, newsletters, social media, and printed materials, in addition to any events, seminars, or promotions that we run.

In marketing, she considers herself a problem solver – it’s figuring out who the market is, what they want to hear, and how to get that message to them. Consider what you currently do, then figure out how to do it differently to gain attention.

Lisa judges, coaches, and competes in artistic roller skating (not to be confused with roller derby), winning medals and titles in national and oceanic competitions. Her goal is to compete at the America’s Cup of roller skating in Florida.

Family Deets:

One of seven with one herself

Fav Location:

Bed in a thunderstorm

Fav Food:

Charcuterie and Bubbles

Fav Drink:

Blue V Energy Drink

Best Holiday:

Vancouver, Canada