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Business in China – what’s changed?
Shanghai Direct Supply Limited is an international trading company specialising in importing clothing and accessories, home textiles, and fabrics. The company was founded in New Zealand in 1991 by Nelson Lee, originally named Moving Free Trading. In the year 2000, Nelson’s son Kevin Lee joined his father, restructured the business, and it became Shanghai Direct […]
Wang Xinyu: Constantly ‘breaking the cycle’
Wang Xinyu, the man whose middle name may as well be ‘challenger’. Taking on ‘gaps’ and ‘larger than life problems’ is basically an essential part of Wang’s personality. From just 20 years old, his successful ventures began, and he was destined to live his life well outside of a ‘fixed comfort zone’. From Russian to […]
2021 China insights
After one and a half years of Covid, the world is still living behind locked borders. With the majority of big events being postponed, the 2020 Olympics finally took place in August 2021, a year later. Albeit without an audience of course. Due to technology, we have been able to streamline the games and keep […]
What goes around…
Most mornings over the past ten years, I ride down Tamaki Drive from Eastern Bays towards our city offices, while dawn cracks against Auckland’s skyline and the sun rises from Waiheke Island. Typically, I would see less than ten bikes along the way. In recent years, more and more bikes have joined the commute. I […]
Tax Residency letter? Do not do nothing!
As the common reporting standards come into effect in New Zealand, we have seen an increase of IRD reviews on the declaration of taxpayers’ overseas income. Under the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) regime, financial institutions are required to collect information about customers and complete their reporting to the authority by 30 June of the […]