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Partnering with businesses coming in, or going out of, New Zealand
As professional service providers, Gilligan Sheppard is invited to play a role in many of our client’s lives, by assisting them to resolve business and family issues. Many of these situations with our clients are delicate and memorable, and we count ourselves lucky be a part of their journey. Reminiscing on these experiences has given […]
Travel is my sanity
After five weeks of level-four lockdown, followed by seven weeks of level-three, I was asked to write an article for our newsletter. To be honest, I couldn’t summon enough positive energy to write something encouraging or cheerful. Nor could I pretend to know more than anyone else on how to cope with the current situation. […]
2021 China insights
After one and a half years of Covid, the world is still living behind locked borders. With the majority of big events being postponed, the 2020 Olympics finally took place in August 2021, a year later. Albeit without an audience of course. Due to technology, we have been able to streamline the games and keep […]
Shareholding – looking at transferring?
Quite often, a company holding a family business may need to improve its ownership structure; this can mean transferring shares from ‘individuals’ into ‘trusts’. Common situations where this occurs: Succession planning – when the controlling individuals bring family members together in an attempt to make a viable business across generations. Risk protection – when the […]
What goes around…
Most mornings over the past ten years, I ride down Tamaki Drive from Eastern Bays towards our city offices, while dawn cracks against Auckland’s skyline and the sun rises from Waiheke Island. Typically, I would see less than ten bikes along the way. In recent years, more and more bikes have joined the commute. I […]