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The journey from caring to intolerance
You might ask, “Wtf, what has triggered Bruce to rant about this topic?” It’s simple really, a minor event that no one should have even had a second thought about, as the action and reactions should have been instinctive. It’s just that the opinions were at polar opposites and resulted in a divided team. Of […]
Elimination as a strategy
We all like to control our environment. It makes us feel safe. The problem is we all seek to do that in our own way, and by default no one can ever control our environment to the extent that they might wish. If collectively we were successful there would be no uncertainly, no risk, no […]
The three C’s
For those of you who attended our recent event on business growth, you would have heard Liam Forde from ‘The Zone’ talk about the role of human engagement in successful business execution, and the tools essential to optimise that. I was introduced to Liam by a mutual friend over 20 years ago, that’s two decades […]
Then and now… financial uncertainty
Welcome to 2021. Normally I would write something in December, a reflection on 2020 and what I think 2021 has in store for us. Instead, I wrote an irrelevant piece on losing cell phones. Hope it was amusing. Why did I do this? Because frankly I was at a loss as to what to make […]
Where is my bl**dy phone!?
As most of you know, I have had fixed views on the use of cell phones. However, finally, 30 years after everyone else, I have one and it has become indispensable. Mostly because it has access to my work emails rather than as a phoning, texting, or gaming tool. I guess we all have our […]