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Is Sustainability… Sustainable?
I think we all look for signals that guide us to what might happen next. And in business and investment, we look out for changes that deliver opportunity or risk. One of my investments went into liquidation recently. The liquidators’ report made me laugh, but also gave me a couple of lessons and an insight […]
Election 2023, Left-wing, Right-wing or winging it?
As I am prone to do customarily, I comment on politics – one of the three things one should never comment on because you will always piss someone off. So here goes! New Zealand is set to vote on two key issues: The political landscape, MMP and the confusion of quite basic choices Nothing much […]
How do you judge the value of a service contract?
The adage is that the value in all transactions is a trade-off between price, timeliness, and quality. A customer wants cheap, fast, and good. But a supplier who attempts to deliver all three will struggle to sustain their operations and are more likely to fail eventually, and usually in the quality component because that is […]
In 2023 growth still matters, but it’ll be hard!
The Annual Enterprise Survey is out – it measures the financial performance and financial position of New Zealand businesses. I commented on the same survey last year (click here to read it) and it proved yet again to be an interesting read on what is and isn’t thriving. The survey provides insights into what your […]
Team engagement counts
If you want to improve sales, you need teams that are motivated to sell. And to be confident, the sales team must believe in the product, the service teams, and customer service. The focus on customer love has many pet names these days – “customer centricity”, or “customer-obsessed” to name a couple. Businesses that aspire […]