Natasha is no longer with GS. If you would like to talk with us, please contact Debra.

Natasha Young

Statutory Admin and Administration Management

The first role Natasha had here at Gilligan Sheppard was as Receptionist. She was the friendly face at the front desk from June 2014 to February 2017, before moving down to Taupo to begin a new chapter. We were free :), or so we thought.

Fast forward to February 2018; Debra our Practice Manager heard through the grapevine that Natasha was making her way back to Auckland. Initially Natasha was employed on a six month contract to help Debra with her workload; but over 18 months later, she’s still here – we can’t seem to get rid of her! She would describe her role as making Debra’s life easier and supporting the rest of the team when they need it.

Natasha enjoys working at Gilligan Sheppard because of the very unique culture – no two days are the same, especially when Bruce is in the office!

When Natasha isn’t at work, she enjoys spending time with her close knit group of friends and going down to Tauranga to see her family.

Natasha recently learnt to snowboard, she was surprised she could even stand up and managed an intermediate run on her first day. She will definitely be getting a season pass for next year. During the Summer months she hopes to do more camping with her partner and spend some much needed time in the ocean.

Biggest Fear:


Family Deets:

Pete, Mollie (Cat), Finn (Puppy) and I.

Fav Location:

Anywhere warm

Fav Food:

Anything sweet

Big Event of 2019:

Bought our first home

Best Holiday:

First scuba dive in Hawaii


AML Compliance
Companies office requirements
Training for administration
Monthly reconciliations
PA to GS resources lead
Reception back up
Database management