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Moving Auckland business forward with Activate Tāmaki Makaurau
On Friday 22 October, the Government announced a support package for Auckland businesses affected by alert level restrictions, and as the country transitions to the new Covid-19 Protection Framework. Activate Tāmaki Makaurau has been set up to connect existing Auckland businesses with that support. It is an opportunity to assist the business community to navigate the […]
Working from home reimbursements
Covid has changed the landscape of our world. Our everyday living situations, from how we interact with other people, to how we run our businesses has changed in an all-encompassing way. I could write pages and pages on the changes heaped upon us, but we are aware of these things already, its almost become old […]
Do I need a passport?
This time three years ago, I travelled to the great Italy with a good friend of mine to celebrate a milestone birthday. Fast forward, and we are sitting at level three lockdown in Auckland, and have been for nearly seven weeks. It’s times like these that really make you appreciate the freedom we once had. […]
My lockdown lessons
Well, here we are again – another lockdown. From the first Level 4 lockdown that began on 25th March 2020, we have spent over 100 days cooped up in our homes, restricted. For me, above all, this time around has been the most challenging, both professionally and personally. And rationally, it ‘shouldn’t’ be, right? I […]
Lockdown collaboration
It’s likely that you’re receiving plenty of emails about what different service providers are doing to keep safe, washing hands and being kind. We’re hoping that this is a little different. ​There seems to be the extremes of business situations; you’re either rushed off your feet and in high demand, or quiet and unsure. If […]