Amy Hua

Bookkeeping Supervisor

Amy Hua had worked for a global travel company for 13 years prior to joining Gilligan Sheppard. Amy has extensive knowledge over the operating procedure of New Zealand businesses, stemming from her previous experience as a senior company accountant. Amy’s expertise is internal control procedure set up and system implementation.

Amy is incredibly passionate about her job, providing immaculate service to a very high standard. She is a firm believer in sheer dedication and hard work;

do the best you can and everything will turn out the way they should.

She now shares her knowledge, experience and positivity to our BAS team and provides training to our clients and external candidates on how to manage your financials to a very high standard, crucial for both management and tax compliance.
Phone:+64 9 309 5191
Direct Dial:+64 21 182 4665

Outside of work, Amy is an avid traveller. She takes an interest in exploring the globe, interacting with the diverse cultures the world offers and venturing outside her comfort zone. Amy values the experiences and enjoys the enlightenment on a spiritual level; travelling helps nurture her psyche. After all, why spend your time staring into a black mirror when you can traverse the world?

Amy also believes in taking care of one’s physical wellbeing. She regularly exercises at the gym and swims daily without exception, as she’s convinced that one’s mental prowess is reflected by the physical body; the physical dedication trains your mind to grow stronger by the day.

Above all, Amy is a loving mother. She provides only the best for her two boys and especially cares about their nutrition. Amy loves cooking all sorts of cuisine (so long as it’s healthy!)

Biggest Fear:

Not able to travel

Family Deets:

Husband and two boys

Fav Food:


Fav Drink:

Green Tea

Fav Movie:

The Miracles from Heaven

Sport Played:


Leisure Activity:


Big Event of 2019:

Trip to Iceland

Best Holiday:

Europe 2018

  • System implementation
  • Virtual Accounts Manager
  • Progressive training program
  • Payroll specialist
  • Xero specialist