Alisha Rodrigues

MBA – Finance & HR
Customer Service Coordinator and Tax Admin

Alisha Rodrigues completed her MBA in Finance and HR from Goa University, moved to New Zealand to complete her Diploma in Business, and has worked in professional service firms for two years. This has given her ‘New Zealand’ experience and how businesses run in the Kiwi environment.

Unusually, AML and Compliance is something Alisha enjoys the most. Her excellent communication skills and ability to build relationships on all levels enables her to quickly learn and adapt, or create, new processes and systems.

Alisha enjoys the big team at Gilligan Sheppard, unique work culture and friendly colleagues. She continues to develop and apply her skills to benefit the GS clients.

Outside of work, Alisha enjoys watching TV and movies, her list of favourites include Safe Haven and Miracle in Cell No. 7.

Alisha was born and brought up in Goa, India, and always enjoyed having her family and friends around her. In November 2018, Alisha moved to New Zealand and became a student, enjoying a very different lifestyle. After completing her studies, she set the foundation of her career with a multi-national company. When she looks back now, she is proud of how far she has come and all of the things she has achieved in the last three years.

Biggest Fear:


Fav Location:

Goa, India

Leisure Activity:

Binge watching TV

Best Holiday:

Hong Kong, Disneyland


Tax Administration
Reconciling of tax payments