Tanya Canty


Tanya Canty has been a Chartered Accountant (and now Certified Public Accountant) with Gilligan Sheppard for over 20 years. A wide range of previous experience, Tanya has worked in a bookstore, brewery (even though she doesn’t drink beer at all) and a hospital in the UK.

Born in Auckland, childhood in Bay of Plenty and teenage years in Waikato. Bay of Plenty wins because that’s where all the adventurous activities are.

Tanya Canty has an all-round knowledge in accounting in addition to a special interest in IT/Client support.

We made the most of these talents. Tanya was instrumental in the planning and setup of the outsourcing team in Chandigarh, India. She enjoyed it immensely (even though the heat was almost unbearable without air conditioning).

Tanya enjoys travel and has been to many countries – her favourite trip so far was the west coast of Canada and she highly recommends doing the Rocky Mountaineer rail journey. A trip to Italy in 2018 was another favourite and as it was a long time in the planning it was great that it didn’t disappoint. Great food, scenery & history. Going to shows is an enjoyable pastime and whilst she was in New York, she saw five with ‘Wicked’ being her favourite. A bit of a movie buff, her favourite movie of all time is ‘The Lost Boys’. A personal motto is you can never have too many shoes – not quite Imelda Marcos but definitely has 50 plus pairs of shoes.

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Fav Drink:

Coke Zero

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Best Holiday:

Canada and Italy


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