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Strategic Planning Workshop
This year will bring challenges, but it also presents opportunities for those who are prepared. While some sectors of the economy may not be growing, there is a chance to gain market share or even become a leader in your industry. This prospect is both enticing and exciting. Before planning how to conquer the world, [...]
Want to get serious about your business idea? In partnership with Xero, we’re running three info nights designed to take you through the next steps – from concept to reality. Starting at 5.30pm, one of our speakers will have five minutes per topic (minimum 7 topics per evening) to cover the basics. Then there’ll be […]
Wealth & Succession Points to Note
An owner and director of a 150-year-old Auckland iconic business, an Auckland accountant who has been building, guiding, and governing businesses for at least 35 years, and two second-generation (G2) owners who, through tragic circumstances, suddenly found themselves at the helm of their family businesses. They all walk into a bar… Well, not into a […]
Business & Wealth Succession Event
Gilligan Sheppard is proud to host the business and wealth succession event. Tickets are available through Eventbrite (click here). Join us for an evening of storytelling and networking New Zealand is now at a turning point, our tech sector has birthed several substantial new wealthy and our economy is beginning to show signs of dynamism. […]
Purposeful time
Time is a finite resource. Live a purposeful life. Gilligan Sheppard invites you to hear from three great business leaders; Leslie Preston founder of Bachcare, Stefan Preston from Rose & Thorne and Joshna Mistry from Gilligan Sheppard. Listen to some of their behind the scenes stories and sharing lessons of how, where and when to […]