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Thank you, Gilligan Sheppard
When I first began working for Gilligan Sheppard, my experience and knowledge of marketing and accounting (this one is obvious) were fairly limited. Despite failing the ‘spelling test,’ Lisa and Debra took a chance on me. Perhaps it was because of ‘team fit’, and they liked that I had travelled. Either way, I couldn’t be […]
From Canada to New Zealand: My experience with Gilligan Sheppard
I have been watching the growth of Gilligan Sheppard from the other side of the world since 2019. This was the year the Talent Secondment Programme (temporary work placement) was introduced, and I was instantly curious about it. Unfortunately, Covid put the programme on pause, but I continued to follow the firm on social media […]
Onward and upward
As GS approaches its 40-year milestone (2025 marks 40 years!), we are preparing for the next 40 years with a focus on the next generation and succession planning. We want to ensure our people, meaning you – our clients and our team, are in the best possible hands so that you can enjoy the continuity […]
We want your feedback
NPS (Net promoter score); a two-question survey. What is it? And why do we want it? Net promoter score or NPS for short was established to help companies measure and evaluate customer loyalty. We are looking to monitor our impact on your experience. If I were asked, I’d say “The Gilligan Sheppard team does a […]
Guest article written by one of the previous Partners at Gilligan Sheppard, Greg Rathbun. I retired from Gilligan Sheppard in 2013, I knew I needed to try something new, but I had no idea what. Eventually, I became the proud owner of an 11-hectare avocado orchard. Back then I didn’t realise how much this had […]