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Time flies
I was shocked when I figured out that I began working for Gilligan Sheppard almost four months ago. Time has gone by incredibly fast! Previously, I worked for small-scale accounting firms – as little as a team of two. So, I was prepared for a significant change, and my expectations of joining a medium to […]
Delinked? Fear not…
If you are a client of ours and have received a letter or email from the IRD advising that you are delinked from the Bruce Sheppard agency, please ignore it.  We are moving you from the Bruce Sheppard IRD agency list to the Gilligan Sheppard Limited IRD agency list.  It is only a name change […]
The cost of relocating
I expect you have heard enough about wage subsidies and other financial impacts of Covid-19 on businesses and individuals. But it has also created, or sometimes forced, other lifestyle changes, including moving to a new house and/or city. Funnily enough, for me, Covid-19 meant my wife was approached for a great new role, BUT it’s […]
Gilligan Sheppard appoints a new partner
The three partners Yi Ping Ge, Richard Ashby and Bruce Sheppard, and indeed the whole team at Gilligan Sheppard, celebrate and welcome a new partner this week. Joshna Mistry has been offered and has agreed to join the three existing partners as a full equity partner with immediate effect. Joshna joined GS nearly eight years […]
25 years – a milestone at Gilligan Sheppard
Tanya Canty is a well-known accountant at Gilligan Sheppard, and we recently celebrated her 25 year anniversary with us. What a huge achievement for Tanya and Gilligan Sheppard! It had me thinking, what does it takes to… be a team member with the commitment to stay for 25 years, and have a team member committed […]