Jessie Mabon

Accounts Administration

Jessie Mabon joined us from working in the administrative retail sector and traded off the fashion/food & beverage environment to branch out into the corporate world. Jessie was hired as our Accounts Receivable Administrator, which is fairly out of her comfort zone, but this is where she thrives! Her skills in connecting with others and building relationships makes Jessie stand out when it comes to customer service and contributing to the team atmosphere. She will be the person sending you friendly reminders for invoices, and answering any invoicing queries.

Jessie is excited about her new venture in the corporate industry and highly relates to our visions and values. Discovering different perspectives, learning new things, and helping to achieve goals within the business comes naturally to Jessie.

After a long day at work, Jessie is quick to sweat off the day through an intense workout! The gym being jessies second home, you’ll find her there most of the time. However, when its time to take a break from the gym-bunny life, you’ll find her at the summer beach hot spots, or tucked up in bed (Netflix and chilling) in the wintertime!

Jessie loves to travel and is always busy planning her next adventure. Whether it be Queenstown for a skiing trip, a flight to the UK to visit her family, or to the Cook Islands to enjoy the tropics and get amongst the cultural experience. Covid has stomped the travel tracks, so once we are free, ticking off the country bucket list shall continue (In fact, Jessie’s goal is to visit everywhere by the time she is 70!).

Biggest Fear:

Loosing loved ones

Family deets:

Mum, dad, little sister, a few step sisters and a step brother

Fav Location:

Queenstown or Eastbourne (UK)

Fav Drink:

Nothing beats a good cup of tea!

Fav Food:

Pad Thai

Fav Movie:

10 things I hate about you

Sport Played:

Netball, Tennis, Boxing

Leisure Activity:

Reading or shopping

Best Holiday:

Visiting family in London

  • Terms of Engagement letters
  • Debt collection
  • Accounts receivable
  • SmartAR
  • Statements
  • Closing/opening clients
  • IRD linking/de-linking