Business growth and development in the online world seminar

The seminar “Business Growth and Development in the Online World” was a great success. The speakers we lined up proved to be entertaining and informative.
Our very own Adrian Burke kicked off the seminar with a quote “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation”. This was followed by an interesting story about Groupon and their journey in the online world.
Next up we had Lisa Garrud from Isatrin who focused on explaining the basics of websites with some very clever metaphors explaining domains, IP addresses and hosting. There was some education around platforms – what type of website you should purchase, a quick journey through some branding examples, finished with some simple steps to make sure your website is all it can be;

  1. Can your website be found? If what you’re looking for isn’t on the first page of a Google result, do you go to the next page or do you search again?
  2. What is the first impression your website gives? What does your brand/logo say about you?
  3. Can the viewer find the answer they’re looking for? Have a simple layout and easy to follow navigation.
  4. Can they easily make contact with you? Either a phone call, an email or a purchase – the website should be there to make you money.
  5. Will they come back? Money is made by returning customers, get them to sign up for a newsletter and remind them how awesome you are.

Lisa was also joined by Phil, one of Isatrin’s developers who broke down the mystery that is an eCommerce website by comparing it with a supermarket. He also explained the changes in technology that are taking websites from computers to phones and tablets.
Isatrin was followed by Jay Best from FreshZeal, his presentation was entitled “Tricking the search engines into thinking you are cool” and so the fresh approach continued. Jay explained what search engine optimisation is and then proceeded to provide some great insider tips. He admits that seo is complicated, especially given that Google rank is based on more than 200+ factors, but that’s why there are professionals.
Jay provided some fairly compelling statistics that showed us all how an increase in website traffic because a big deal when converted to possible sales.
We were provided with information about usability and conversion optimisation – basically, making it easier for clients to buy – and surprisingly a lot of it is more emotional than you think, right down to not being so perfect.
Mark Miller from LiveLink was the last, but definitely not the least in the speaker roster. Mark provided some jaw dropping statistics on email marketing in business. Everything is moving towards the online world including how you interact with your clients. Not just with newsletters, but even the individual emails that you send out. Having your photo on your email signature makes you more approachable, makes the client feel like they have a stronger relationship with you and increases their trust with you – so why wouldn’t you?!
Gilligan Sheppard has recently undergone a new email branding journey with LiveLink and couldn’t be happier with the results – something we highly recommend!
Mark finished up by talking about campaign email – sending out newsletters – it’s all about engagement and response. But LiveLink is so much more, they offer a full kit of integrated solutions that meet all of your digital messaging requirements. Simple, reliable and economical.
We finished up with a question and answer session that had the speakers on their toes and produced a few laughs. All in all, a great success – one that we will repeat on an annual basis so that we can supply our clients with information to make their own businesses more successful.
Introduction by Adrian Burke from Gilligan Sheppard. Philip Kent from Isatrin speaking about ecommerce websites.
Lisa was behind the camera, so no photos of her presenting. Jay Best from FreshZeal getting excited about SEO.
Mark Miller from LiveLink Connect – everything email. A great selection of nibbles, wine, beer and drinks.

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