Strategic Planning Workshop

This year will bring challenges, but it also presents opportunities for those who are prepared. While some sectors of the economy may not be growing, there is a chance to gain market share or even become a leader in your industry. This prospect is both enticing and exciting.

Before planning how to conquer the world, it’s important to establish a framework for determining what to pursue, why it’s worth pursuing, and which opportunities are most feasible and profitable for your business. This process is commonly referred to as strategic planning.

We have all engaged in some form of planning before, but approaching it in a disciplined and structured manner helps distinguish the rabbits from the rabbit holes. Understanding the principles of strategy and how to collaborate with your team to develop an initial plan is never a bad idea.

Without a clear understanding of your business goals and direction, it can be challenging to achieve what you want, especially if you rely on others to help you get there. You can achieve great things by creating and sharing a clear strategic plan and purpose with your team.

Gilligan Sheppard is committed to helping businesses and people in their journey towards improvement. We have been hosting a Strategic Planning workshop led by Bill Bain to enhance our clients’ businesses. The workshop covers the following:

  • A framework to develop the core foundation for your business planning
  • A pragmatic strategic planning structure and tools for implementation
  • An ability to measure your progress in the execution of your strategic plan

Bill has had a close relationship with Gilligan Sheppard for several years and recognises our contributions and dedication to enhancing business performance. Bruce Sheppard, the CEO of Gilligan Sheppard, has generously extended the opportunity to attend this excellent workshop to the wider business community.

The workshop received excellent feedback, scoring 19 out of 20 for facilitation and content. Participants have expressed appreciation for the course, highlighting the value of learning various aspects of business strategy that are often overlooked. Discovering broader goals and uncovering the true “why” behind their business were particularly enlightening. The workshop also provides a chance to connect with peers at a similar career stage.

The course was great, came away with a feeling of having learned many parts of business strategy that at our stage, you don’t often think about or get time to. Finding the broader goals and discovering the true Why. There were a few ‘a-ha’ moments, and it was good to share the room with people at the same stage in their career.”

“Clear language, well-structured and easy to understand”

The workshop will have a small group of approximately eight to ten people to keep it personal and allow for collaborative space. This setup allows for networking opportunities and encourages the sharing of ideas over lunch. Aside from the valuable content, meeting and interacting with like-minded individuals can be the true gems of such gatherings.

Although Gilligan Sheppard is not seeking to profit from this workshop, there is a minimal charge of $120.00 plus GST per person to cover expenses.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Bill Bain by 21st July to secure your spot. You can reach him via email at or on his mobile at 021 126 9017.

Workshop details:

  • Date: 27 July 2023
  • Time: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Location: CPA offices, Aon Centre, 29 Custom St. West

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