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Three common issues affecting business performance
When I am invited to help an organisation improve its performance, there are generally three key elements that require work – direction, people, and getting ‘good shit’ done. These elements are outside of the standard financial metrics (whereby the products or services they sell make more money than the costs of the business). So, let’s […]
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Warning signs of organisational misalignment
Picture yourself driving down a road. It’s been raining so the road is a bit slick. You have noticed recently your car has been pulling to the right, but you just compensated for it by adjusting your steering to the left. Suddenly the person in front of you brakes abruptly and you apply your brakes […]
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Organisational Alignment – a critical ingredient to top performance
The ‘Master Widget’ company has good products, and the people are working hard, but the company is just not operating cohesively. Therefore, inefficiencies are driving up costs, a silo mentality rules, frustrated people are leaving, and the competition is gaining on them, so they are leaking profits. In other words, the company is misaligned – […]
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