Medieval Christmas

It is a tradition here at Gilligan Sheppard, for any of our new team members to brain storm ideas and then activate the Christmas party for the firm – all within a tight budget.
This year we were not disappointed with the newbies piling us onto a party bus and transporting us back in time to a medieval feast.
On arrival we chose our costumes and mingled amongst the thrones and stocks (check out the photos below).
Markovian Estate put on a great evening, the festivities began with introductions to our wench (waitress) and a Lord and Lady were chosen from the group. Bruce was unsuccessful in acquiring the position of Lord, although I’m sure we were definitely the loudest team cheering him on! He did have a sword fight for our entertainment and conquered his opponent. The reward? Belly dancers of course!
It was a fantastic evening and will be hard to top next year!

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