Doing business in Australia

Doing Business in Australia; Seminar Success
This seminar was a great event for anyone already working in or thinking of doing business in Australia.
Gilligan Sheppard and the Chamber of Commerce joined forces to bring two prominent Australian tax advisers to New Zealand. Many New Zealand businesses look toward Australia to expand their business. This seminar highlighted the pitfalls and provided information to help avoid the many potential costly mistakes.
Australian tax specialists Simon Calabria and Rob Power are from Webb Martin Consulting Pty Ltd a specialty tax advisory firm based in Melbourne. Simon and Rob each brought over 23 years experience in Australian income tax, Fringe Benefits tax, Capital Gains tax, Trusts and Thin Capitalisation along with specialist knowledge in indirect tax (including GST and Wine Equalisation tax).
Richard Ashby, tax partner from Gilligan Sheppard, provided a New Zealand perspective on the most effective structure for businesses.
The question and answer session went over time as some of the presentations discussed items and issues that raised awareness.
Feel free to download a copy of the presentations below;
GST in Australia, Issues for non-residents
Simon Calabria, July 2013
Tax in Australia, Issues for New Zealand residents
Robert Power, July 2013
Transfer Pricing and Thin Capitalisation in Australia
Simon Calabria, July 2013
Effective Business Structures for Trading in Australia
Richard Ashby, June 2013

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