Hidden assets/threat seminar

Hidden Assets/Threat Seminar was “da bomb”!
At a seminar on intangible assets and IP, two renowned business commentators Bruce Sheppard and Paul Adams provided a no holds barred, to the point examination of what modern companies, boards and management need to know and understand about intellectual property and doing business in today’s knowledge economy.
Thanks to Westpac for their association with this event which received some great feedback with a number of attendees requesting the information below (please feel free to download). Contact details for both Paul and Bruce are included in the documents.
Thank you also to the speakers Bruce Sheppard from Gilligan Sheppard and Paul Adams from EverEdgeIP for an excellent and entertaining event.
Click on the PDF icon below to download the speakers presentation:
Rembrandts and Time Bombs in the Attic Seminar
EverEdge IP – Paul Adams, August 2013
The Knowledge Wave – Swimmers and Surfers (notes)
Gilligan Sheppard – Bruce Sheppard, August 2013

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