Doing business in China

Doing Business in China; Seminar Success
Recently we held a luncheon and presentation here at Gilligan Sheppard. The topic was ‘Doing Business in China’ and outlined the current business environment in China, along with various aspects of setting up and doing business with and in China.
Russell Brown is a Managing Partner with LehmanBrown – International Accountants – associated with the Prime Global International Network and was the guest speaker. Russell believes that in order to be successful in China you have to have some awareness of the cultural differences and balance it with business.
China is a very vast country, there are 23 provinces plus special economic zones, therefore when you look at China, you need to find a foot hold and from there expand out. Companies often go wrong by trying to do the whole lot of China at once. Take baby steps and then build from that base.
Have a look below at some photos of the event and from WTV interviewing both Russell Brown and our own Yi Ping Ge.

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