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With a surname the same as the man who launched CNN, the United States’ first genuine global media network, Robert Turner has no qualms following in Ted’s footsteps by launching a suite of websites under Turner Media Limited.
Following the success of Equine Trader (equinetrader.co.nz), launched three years ago, Turner Media has now expanded to venues.org.nz. He is expanded internationally as well with Equine trader and racing sites under Australian domain names (com.au). Not bad for someone who spent more than quarter of a century in finance before entering the worldwide web.
turnermedia“I had just sold a business a few years ago and was looking for something else to get into,” he recalls.

He saw websites as providing a major platform for businesses and industries. Although he had no involvement in the equestrian industry he was aware of the business opportunity it provided. Describing itself as New Zealand’s leading online equestrian resource and perfect for any Kiwi who owns, rides or is just passionate about horses, the site has gained more than 13,000 members. It enables them to trade online, search the market for stallions, read the latest industry news, contribute to forums, search and advertise on their industry directory containing an extensive list of equestrian suppliers, an updated list of events and more.
Its success has encouraged him to broaden further into the Equine Industry with the racing site and expand into the Australian market. “We can offer equine and rural-related advertisers the opportunity to talk to a bigger audience, both in New Zealand and Australia, and in sport horses and racing,” says Robert. “We can present the whole region, including the Pacific islands, as one down-under offer incorporating venues, event planning and wedding planning, too.

“Websites also reach a more global audience, so when businesses from Asia, Europe or North America look down-under many tend to see what our region, as one, have to offer.”

Hence his reasons for venturing into venues. Although it is a highly competitive market, Turner believes his existing audience in the equine industry provides a platform to market and build on.
His grand plan is to take the basic business model and the website software and turn one website into 21 sites by the end of 2011. These consist of nine venue sites (three each in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific islands), six horse sites (three each in New Zealand and Australia) followed by six more in New Zealand and Australia focusing on gardening, pets and lifestyle blocks, with further expansion into other industries in 2012.
Robert’s future plans also include Logic Capital, a start-up funds management business in Sydney which he has been involved in. That involvement is increasing with plans to commercialise the software they have developed.
He describes his journey and the industry as one that is constantly evolving. As a longstanding client with Gilligan Sheppard, what he does believe in investing in is good advice.

“I’ve dealt with Bruce (Sheppard) going back to the 1980s, and now mainly with Greg (Rathbun) and Richard (Ashby). They’ve all been good to work with. Investing in good accounting and legal advice is a must for any business.”

For more info go to www.turnermedia.co.nz

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