Industry service announcement

Industry Service Announcement for the immediate attention of shareholders, directors and executive management

  • Did you know you can cash out tax losses?
  • Did you know you can protect tax losses from shareholder continuity breaches?
  • And employee share schemes might not be as hard as you think

High growth research and development (R&D) focused companies have a significant opportunity to capture value for current and future shareholders. Changes in 2016 tax rules have made it possible for early stage companies to cash out tax losses. This means that hard cash is returned to your company coffers to re-invest in your business now.
Do you undertake significant R&D? Are you a recipient of a Callaghan Growth Grant? Do you have Angel Investors? If you have taken on new equity, and risk losing tax losses due to continuity breaches, you can secure R&D losses for use in the future. Opportunity is knocking…
Gilligan Sheppard has been at the forefront of managing this process for some of New Zealand’s most successful early stage companies, and has succeeded in securing hundreds of thousands of cash rebates, and hundreds of thousands of tax losses for use in the future. The new rules apply now, and you need to act to secure your entitlement. We can efficiently evaluate your position, and manage your rebate process with minimal disruption to your business and maximum return.
If you are a high growth company who has secured or is in the process of securing key staff, we can also implement a highly effective and efficient employee share scheme to lock in and incentivise key staff. This can be established and rolled out for less than $10,000.
Don’t risk losing this valuable opportunity, contact New Zealand’s premier advisory firm that has been specialising in this space for over 10 years. We call this capital coaching – getting cash at the right time, ensuring effective and simple tax strategies and maximising opportunities for access to the right sort of capital.
Specialist Capital Coaching Team
Richard Ashby
+64 9 309 5191
Adam Hunt
022 326 4868
Bruce Sheppard
+64 9 309 5191
Michael Vukcevic
027 489 9136

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