Our very own Rocketman

We’d like to introduce to you Michael Vukcevic (for those of you already frowning, it’s pronounced “Jones”). Michael is an extraordinary team member at Gilligan Sheppard and here we explain the extraordinary.
Have you ever heard yourself say one of these lines…

  • We are at a crossroads in our business
  • We should be doing better
  • The market is getting harder for us
  • We want to grow but not sure how and where
  • We are not sure what’s next for us
  • We are not sure how to deal with this issue

Then my goodness, do we have the solution for you! Michael’s expression is “Keep calm, it’s not rocket science!” Henceforth he shall be known as “Rocket Man” because he gets your business into the next stratosphere!
Michael focuses on advisory and capital raising services for your business. He can meet with you as a consultant and review your sales and marketing strategies – he loves to specialise in companies who have not met their sales/revenue targets, or companies who are entering or developing new markets.
If you are concerned about appropriate staff skills, operational efficiencies or succession planning, then Michael will review, create a plan in liaison with you and if you want him to, help with the execution of the plan. He is a passionate business leader with well-developed international networks.
Michael has the business savvy, experience and knowledge to help clients who are looking to grow, looking for capital, wanting better performance from their business or who just want to check if they have the right strategy. He has significant experience with professional service organisations and a wide range of industries including: biotech, technology, manufacturing, the dairy sector and food and beverage.
“Building a business is not rocket science; it’s about having a great idea and seeing it through with integrity. That goes for Virgin Galactic too, which is rocket science!” ~ Richard Branson.

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