Internet security

The revelations by ex CIA agent, Edward Snowden, that the CIA is secretly accessing internet records of Australian citizens has again put the spotlight on email security.
Most people don’t understand that a copy of your email – together with any confidential file attachments – are stored on email servers located anywhere in the world.
It is like sending a postcard through the mail. If the information isn’t confidential you don’t bother sealing it in an envelope and paying extra postage. But, if the information is confidential, you ALWAYS go to that extra effort.
For this reason a four years ago Gilligan Sheppard invested in new technology provided by Nimbus through our secured web portal. It works by securely uploading files directly to the Nimbus ‘cloud platform’ where they are encrypted before being automatically filed in the Gilligan Sheppard secure portal. Only Gilligan Sheppard and the our clients have the ‘key’.
Therefore, our electronic data transfer through our web portal is not only more secure, it is also more efficient and professional.
Also remember that the documents stored are automatically filed in the Gilligan Sheppard secure portal. This eliminates the need for you to file them again and you can easily retrieve them.

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