Time to think…

Time to think… and the importance of Rest & Relaxation
I recently spent seven days in Rarotonga. The importance of having time to rest, relax and think, is something we don’t always value. I acknowledge not everyone can travel in the middle of winter to somewhere sunny, but we can be so busy spending time doing things, that we forget to pause and think – travel or not. I have come to the realisation that the value of this time is beyond just R&R, it recharges you and also gives you the space required to think about where you are heading and what you have already achieved so far.
time to thinkGilligan Sheppard have been going through a mentoring and change process. We spent time early in the year as a team, brainstorming our GS purpose, ‘enriching lives’. We all read the book “Fish!” by Stephen C. Lundin, PH.D., Harry Paul, and John Christensen. This has given us a focus and some areas to target and prioritise.
But until I stopped to really think about what all this means, I was just agreeing with the change and wanting to do what I thought was required. I was also still trying to hold onto my position and my tasks within the practice. Working as a good manager but maybe not a great team leader. Sometimes I can be too focused on that old radio station wii fm (what’s in it for me).
So… back to my thoughts after my little R&R holiday. I do want what’s best for Gilligan Sheppard, I do want to be part of a great leadership team and I do want our purpose to become a reality for our team and our clients. If this means that someone has a better idea or a better way to do some of my tasks or responsibilities then that’s great. No more putting up barriers or trying to hold on to something. Let others take the wheel, I can still be there to help guide them if its wanted or necessary, but we want our whole team to grow, show everyone how extraordinary we are because by being part of a very successful, growing and energized team, we will succeed in our vision and purpose!
This leaves me with this one thought. If you have the opportunity to have a little break, DO IT! Not only is it good for your body but it is also good for your mind. Hopefully you get the chance to get some clarity around where you want to be 🙂

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