Skateboarding Challenge

Skateboarding is a really fun activity, but it is also very challenging. It all started while I was cleaning up my garage earlier this year. I found my old skateboard from back in my high school days. With all the good old “Sk8er Boi” memory in mind, I took it to the skate park to have a ride. It didn’t take long for me to remember why I quit. I almost landed a trick called ‘face-planting’. Falling off a skateboard is bound to happen when skate boarding.
skateboardingAs I get older, I am more prone to injury, so I got myself some professional help. Many people don’t realise, that the best skaters are actually better at falling than they are at skating. If you are trying hard stuff all the time and really trying to push your boundaries, you’re going to fall a lot. But once you learn how to fall, you will never get injured. Most falls go from a moving position to a stopped position. And have to figure out how to stop safely – you can try to run your way out of it, roll out of it or take a nasty slam.

How to fall off a skateboard without injury?

  1. Practice jumping off the board – practice just so you know how to run out of it when you need to
  2. Practice rolling like a barrel…
  3. Never land with your arm fully straight – this can break your wrist, arm, elbow or pop your shoulder
  4. Always keep your wrist, elbow and shoulder a little bend like a spring
  5. Always tighten up your core and have your head tuck in like a ball when you falling backward
  6. Try not to panic because when you panic, you tighten up and everything freezes
  7. Use the protective gear for beginners – the knee pad, arm pad, wrist pad and helmet

It’s no fun to fall, but what we can do is take some of the percentage of the impact away to make it safer. It requires practice to put this into muscle memory. Then you will just do it without thinking, it just happens.
Whilst re-learning to skateboard, I have found that it is extremely important to learn each trick in the proper order, and to fully master each step before going on to the next. There is no better feeling than popping and rolling away from a perfectly executed kick flip.
In business as in sport, it is not falling that is the problem, that is called learning. It is how you fall and get back up!

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