Money can't buy you love

As you are aware our fellow partner Bruce Sheppard is currently embroiled in a high profile defamation court case.
All the partners and staff at Gilligan Sheppard are proud of what Bruce has achieved in the corporate governance and share market arena through amongst other things establishing the NZ Shareholder Association and later as associate member of the FMA. We have always and will continue to support the “White Knight” of Gilligan Sheppard in his various crusades. For those of you that know Bruce you will also know that he is obviously revelling in this latest crusade.
Bruce as the founding partner of Gilligan Sheppard has always demonstrated an unwavering sense of moral justice to recognise and confront wrongs. This principle is one of the core values of the firm and we applaud Bruce’s strength of character to stand up for these values.
If you wish to lend your support to Bruce respond to this article by emailing us here.
Greg, Richard and Yi Ping and the team at Gilligan Sheppard.

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