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In November we held a seminar “How do the rich get richer?” When it comes to getting rich, the rich get richer because they have knowledge about money. They understand how money works. They understand finance. They understand tax laws. They understand what drives profitability.
When the rich get richer, it is a symptom of their behaviour, not the cause of some great cosmic mystery. Trying to figure out why the rich get richer is like trying to figure out why athletes get in better shape over time or why painters become more skilled with each passing year. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is a habit.”
We provided an awesome line up of expert speakers and had a great turn out. Comments included;

“worthwhile evening all round”
“very interesting evening”
“thank you for hosting such a well-run event”
“awesome progressive professionals”

Our first speaker was Sarah Williams from New Zealand Home Loans (Ponsonby Central Branch) who demonstrated how they help New Zealanders become debt free faster with their DebtNav system. It reduces the principal of the mortgage amount saving thousands of dollars in interest and taking years off your mortgage.
For further information or to book a consultation with Sarah;
Phone (09) 361 0042, Email
David Rendell from Trustees Executors followed up by talking about creating a wealth strategy by setting up a plan for your financial future. David provides investment advice and manages portfolios to suit individuals and their pace, be it cautious, adventurous or a mixture of both.
For further information or to book a consultation with David;
Phone (09) 308 7148, Email
An innovative customer payment solution was presented by Fiona Ashford of Fee Funders. This system allows a business to offer payment plans for their products or services. The business receives the amount in full and up front. The client can choose a payment plan over 6 or 9 months and pays a little bit extra to do so. It makes for easier sales and the business doesn’t have to worry about chasing the payments – it’s all done for you!
For further information or to book a consultation with Fiona;
Phone 0800 333 729, Email
Our very own Richard Ashby, the tax specialist resident was the host of the evening. Richard enlightened us on how complicated the tax system is and that knowledge is your friend. As an ex IRD employee, Richard knows the system well and is often called upon for a second opinion regarding tax issues.
For further information or to book a second opinion with Richard;
Phone (09) 365 5532, Email
We had a marvellous time networking with our glasses of wine. Our door prize of the glass coasters (pictured below) were won by Helena Carter from INBODY ( – congratulations!
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