Prime Global Asia Pacific Conference

This year’s Prime Global Asia Pacific conference was held in the historic city of Nagoya, Japan, famous for the Nagoya Castle. Prime Global is an international affiliation of independent firms similar in character to Gilligan Sheppard. Belonging to the Prime Global family essentially opens a gateway for us to be able to provide our clients with a full package of services with respect to any international business they may wish to undertake, ranging from advice from the local resident experts on the marketplace niceties of the relevant jurisdiction (the do’s and don’ts of doing business with the locals) through to detailed operational business structure planning and implementation.
From a pure taxation perspective (my area of focus), Prime Global membership has assisted with the ability of our tax team to now provide comprehensive international tax advice, including review and/or preparation of transfer pricing documentation (appropriate pricing for cross border transactions with related entities) and profit repatriation strategy advice (how to maximise the return of profits derived offshore to NZ investors).
The conference is a great opportunity to meet other member firms, predominantly from within the Asia Pacific region, although this year’s conference saw the attendance of several members from countries situated elsewhere on the globe, including the US, UK and Poland. As most of you who are already familiar with trading in the international arena will know, building trusted personal relationships is often a key to success, which in our world, the development of these connections often leads to a greater level of referral work (in both directions).
The two and a half day programme included the usual mix of social activities and boardroom sessions, on this occasion the Wednesday dedicated to a day trip of the city of Nagoya which included a visit to the Atsuta Shrine (one of Japan’s most important holding the sacred sword Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi), the Asahi Brewery (including a 15-minute tasting post the tour!) and a wander around the grounds of the Nagoya Castle. The Thursday evening dinner was held at the Tokugawaen Garden Restaurant, well known for its design style which related back to the Edo period and is a must see for anyone travelling to the area.
Next year Prime Global will hold the world conference in Mexico City (world and regional conferences held every alternate year), which will provide an opportunity for the attending Gilligan Sheppard team to connect with more global members and to further enhance our international relationships.
Watch this space for a similar update next year.

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