Yi Ping Ge

BCom, BEng, CPA
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Senior Accountant
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Yi Ping Ge grew up in Zhejiang province in China. She initially trained and obtained an Engineering degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Later on, she obtained her Commerce degree from Auckland University in New Zealand.

Yi Ping has been advising and assisting our clients on a range of business challenges for two decades. Her strengths include pragmatically approaching all business compliance issues, ownership structures, wealth protection and inter-generational transitions and mergers & acquisitions. International tax planning and issues that concern immigrants from China are her favourite topics. Above all, clients value Yi Ping’s connectivity and broad networks within New Zealand and China’s business environments.

Making annual trips back to China, Yi Ping visits her existing clients and explores business opportunities.

Learning from others, getting out to see different places and meeting different people – Yi Ping Ge enjoys these things. Her thinking is that business will not find you while you are sitting at home, you will find business if you go out and seek it.

All fish should swim out of their small pond from time to time and find ways to become bigger fish or to survive better in that small pond.

Yi Ping is a committed hiker and she has travelled all over the world to discover and walk over 3,000 kilometres. Every year she walks about 1,000kms both locally and on special tramping trips. She has traversed trails in Canada, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China and just about everywhere in New Zealand.

Pokemon Go is Yi Ping’s favourite game and she is up to level 38. Her favourite Pokemon is Pikachu with a flower hat.

A keen reader, Yi Ping recommends the Jack Reacher series by Lee Childs and anything by author Ayn Rand. She has read over 500 books and enjoys a book a week.

Since April 2017, Yi Ping has been a Massey Business School Advisory Board Member. Yi Ping is also member of Rotary Club Auckland, Kohimarama Yacht Club, New Zealand Alpine Climbing Club, Shao Xing Fellowship New Zealand Association and Tsinghua University Alumni New Zealand Association.

Biggest Fear:


Family Deets:

Single with two kids

Fav Location:

Westlake, China

Fav Food:

Peking Duck

Fav Drink:

Gin and Tonic

Fav Movie:

Forrest Gump

Sport Played:


Leisure Activity:

Pokemon Go

Best Holiday:

Sequoia National Park


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