What happens when you can't fake it anymore?

As Practice Manager for Gilligan Sheppard, I am speaking from experience on the subject. This article describes the method I used to get to a better place – hopefully it helps you as well.
The old saying “fake it ‘til you make it” requires effort, consistency and time. But what happens when it’s just too hard? When the effort required is too much and it’s taking way too long. Even though you try each day to put a smile on your face and attempt to have a renewed sense of energy and positivity, sometimes it only lasts up to the first email or phone call of the morning.
STOP! You need to remember you are never in it alone! You do have support and you need to rely on it at times. We’re not surgeons, our job does not define life or death and although our clients and teams have issues, problems and concerns, it is important not to be undervalued. You can take a moment when you need it. Prioritise tasks and projects to make your job manageable and make room to be able to say “I need a break!”
During that break or downtime, ask yourself, why is it so hard?

  • Is it something outside of the office?
  • Is there something externally in your life that is taking all your energy and focus?
  • Are there personality differences from within your team or management?
  • Is it a feeling of being undervalued and taken for granted?
  • Is it a health issue?

Once you’ve identified the why, then you can look for a solution and a decision. Sometimes the decision is all that is needed to make all the feelings of exhaustion, negativity and chaos turn into a positive feeling and difference in attitude.
The decision could be to look after yourself, eat healthy, get checked if you aren’t feeling 100%. Also, having a few early nights can help yourself mentally as well as physically.
If you are battling someone’s personality and differences, find out why they do the things they do. Why do they annoy you? Is it that they require different observations or details than you do? Is it really a conflict or battle? Remind yourself that you are both working toward the same goal to make the business successful. You must make the decision to accept the differences and either work together or perhaps ensure your roles are very clearly defined.
If you are feeling undervalued or taken for granted, make sure you use your support network and be vocal about what you need to continue. This can be words of encouragement, more autonomy and trust or remuneration to reflect truthfully the extras you feel you do. Once you work out what you need, the decision on how to get this will start to make things easier.
If none of the above is achievable or the problem, then maybe the decision is that it’s time to find a new challenge. Sometimes making that decision and going through the process brings more clarity and may take you right back to the beginning but with a different purpose and a renewed feeling of “I’m making it and I’m not faking it anymore!”

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