We want your feedback

NPS (Net promoter score); a two-question survey. What is it? And why do we want it?

Net promoter score or NPS for short was established to help companies measure and evaluate customer loyalty. We are looking to monitor our impact on your experience.

If I were asked, I’d say “The Gilligan Sheppard team does a great job and do everything they can to help our clients be successful”.  But is this what YOU, our clients think? Do I wear rose-colored glasses or are they just tinted a little? Our perception isn’t always the reality for our clients. And although it can sometimes be a shock to learn we aren’t as connected as we think we are, we are ready for the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

So, we want to know about your experience. From our new and existing clients from our onboarding process, communication during an engagement, quality of work, and timeliness, through to our billing/invoicing and collection. 

We have started sending out short surveys to gather your feedback. Each year we have a strategic goal in place to help us raise the bar to ensure we are looking after our clients the best we can.

We will be able to see directly how satisfied our clients are with our services and if we find that you are not happy or satisfied, we can work on improvements.

Please take the time to answer the short survey questions. 

We send you a link, and when clicked, opens a landing-page with our branding:

If you have any questions regarding the NPS survey, please contact myself, Debra Houghton.

If you don’t know where to begin, want to talk through something, or have a specific question but are not sure who to address it to, fill in the form, and we’ll get back to you within two working days.

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