What is Family Office and why do you need it?

Imagine being able to centralise the management of investments, accounts, and assets and get a comprehensive view of a family’s financial situation. Or minimising tax liabilities and optimising tax strategies to preserve wealth across generations. There are many more reasons why a Family Office support service exists.

The best way to describe Family Office, is a support service that is privately controlled and dedicated to supporting wealthy families. This can include governance, administration, investments, management of risk, and personal life organisation.   

Family offices were established mid-19th century with the evolution of private banks and trust companies. The purpose then, and now, is to preserve and enhance a family’s wealth for both current and future generations of a family. I’d like to do more than that! My purpose is to remove the annoyance and pain of general administration tasks so that it’s possible to focus on what’s important. 

In New Zealand the term Family Office has in the past, only concentrated on providing services relating to large wealthy families with written charters, administration of businesses and charities along with management of considerable investments. We want to provide services that will be more accessible and customised for families that don’t necessarily fit the traditional mold or requirements of large wealthy families.   

Our service helps families achieve goals and aspirations by taking away the daily/weekly or monthly administration. We provide a suite of professionals whom we have established trusted relationships with. Our services will be customised for each person or family. Having someone you can trust to help collate personal interests with reporting processes is a valuable addition to any growing or slowing circumstance. 

We understand that some people will already have relationships with lawyers, accountants, and investment brokers as well as health and well-being consultants (doctors, specialists, etc). There may be family members doing part of the organising/administration tasks. We can replace or enhance what you already have. With the collaboration of everyone working towards goals and purposes, we want to assure a future for our Family Office clients that has been planned and prepared. 

We can work towards a future for family wealth. I’ve been working with Family Office clients for several years and love the freedom and peace of mind that this service provides. It allows our clients to look at the big picture and leverage their time pursuing other interests or activities whether they are personal, family-focused, or a new business venture. 

I have a background in administration in two accounting firms over the past 25 years and I love working with people I trust and admire. I have three grown children with one (soon to be two) grandchildren. I recognise the importance of family and personal time with them, along with friends and people we choose to have as our family. Organisation and other interests in life are healthy, as well as continuing to grow and extend ourselves. I’m a firm believer of everything in moderation and that life is too short. 

If you think this is something you see a need for within your own family or someone you know, please give me a call and we can discuss further. My clients are assured of a confidential, personal service with myself and the GS suite of trusted professional relationships.

If you don’t know where to begin, want to talk through something, or have a specific question but are not sure who to address it to, fill in the form, and we’ll get back to you within two working days.

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