Richard's Wedding

Richard and Lisa married at Oreti Village Resort in Pukawa Bay just west of Turangi, with lovely views over lake Taupo…
It was the perfect day and everything went to plan with the exception of us both getting a cold the day before, but at least we shared everything I guess.
The best part was writing our own vows and the anticipation of not knowing what the other person had written and then discovering how similar they were just cemented how suited we really are for each other. We both gave a speech but I wasn’t allowed to talk about tax at all, so had to talk about Lisa instead. The number of people who came up after and said they really enjoyed them was cool.
After originally deciding that we weren’t going to do a ‘first dance’, we changed our minds and in two minutes chose a song and did one anyway.
Ted (their son) was gorgeous on the day, handled the fact that he was passed around to everyone except us and with little fuss. He did manage to step on mum’s train as she walked down the aisle, added comments to the speeches in just the right places, had the room in fits of laughter and managed to plaster his nice white t-shirt with tomato sauce.
The girls both looked fab in dresses made specifically for the occasion although jumped out of their high heels into flat shoes as soon as they could. Wedding cake was a family event made predominantly by the two sisters who were also our respective witnesses.

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