Six doctors, seven opinions.

An interview with Dr Gerald Young, Director of CityMed, Auckland City.

Gerald and his team built CityMed in 2000 and developed the business to where it successfully stands today. However, business journeys are never easy, especially with “Six doctors, and seven opinions” explains Gerald. “It was a revenue idea, which is different from most general practices.”

Combining ‘Medical’ with ‘Business’ introduced a few unexpected hurdles and valuable learnings. “Medically, you are trained to always question everything, and trust yourself. But business-wise, it’s a different dynamic. It’s a different thought process to how you achieve success” says Gerald. “You get stuck being a hero in your own ego.”

Gerald’s business story is a great example of how hard it is growing and sustaining a business and how rewarding it is when executed well.

“You never what you don’t know, until you ask somebody who knows”

Gerald Young, Director of CityMed Medical Centre
“Located in the Auckland CBD, we provide high-quality healthcare services for you and your whānau”.
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