One Room

The other day I received an email in my personal account from a client.  My first thought was why? Why was a client emailing my personal account? And then I opened it…
It was an invitation to view a memorial service via online streaming.  It was a bit of a weird request and the text I received a few days earlier from someone very close to me started off with… “Hey, I’m not sure if this a weird question or not, but there’s a few people from Oz that can’t make it to the memorial service so we are going to stream it… “.  I was really pleased to get that text as I had helped in other ways but felt I was missing out on supporting the people I loved by not being able to attend.
The email from One Room with the invitation to view the service was easy to follow and everything worked as it should.  There was also an option to forward to others if I wanted.
The streaming of the service started (I chose to view at the same time as the service).  I realised that there were different cameras providing different views so I could see everyone arrive, feel the hugs received and the emotion, listen to the service and then see everyone leave.  The service had my full attention with the audio and visuals allowing me to be just as respectful as everyone else attending the service, hear all the ups and downs of a person’s life from different family and friends and also empathise with all that were there to say goodbye.
I came into work on Monday and the team at GS know the experience I received by using One Room product.  It isn’t something that you can shout from the rooftops because of the nature and sensitivity of the product, BUT I want to give One Room appreciation and thanks for a great product with thought, detail and care for everyone involved in using it.
One Room allowed me the opportunity to be a part of something very special even though I was unable to be there!
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