IP Telephony / VoIP

IP Telephony / VoIP – Robust, efficient & cost effective
IP Telephony and VoIP both refer to the channelling of voice calls and voice data through the internet often eliminating the cost of expensive PABX systems and line dedication. IP Telephony and VoIP solutions provide efficient and cost effective options for businesses of all sizes.
The right VoIP solution will give your business a professional phone system with the choice of multiple extensions, customised greetings, operator assistance, call queuing, time scheduling and a host of other features. Callers can be directed by extension to staff anywhere in the world to regular phones or mobiles. Other benefits include:

  • Multiple extensions and greetings
  • Dial by name directories
  • Automatic call forwarding to any number
  • Automated attendant/help desk systems
  • Call queuing
  • Voicemail to email and call recording
  • Ring groups and hunt groups
  • Automated time schedules
  • Easy web management functionality
  • Highly responsive to business needs as easily scaled up or down
  • Benefits available to any size business – small, medium or large


“Gone are the days of expensive telephony costs and maintenance”

What do you need?
Good internet connection with adequate bandwidth. Unlimited, uncapped data is available through many providers and should be a consideration when selecting a provider.

  • The right VoIP service/plan best suited to your business needs
  • A VoIP provider
  • The right equipment
  • Help to move existing phone numbers (if an existing business)
  • Set-up and installation
  • Help to manage the process

IT Support Ltd can support you through the following important steps:

  1. help determine what kind of internet/broadband connection you currently have
  2. provide advice about what you need before moving to IP telephony / VoIP
  3. conduct online speed tests to check and measure current connection capability
  4. advise on whether your existing connection is adequate
  5. assist with checking what connections (ie. fibre/vdsl) are available for you
  6. recommend a fibre/vdsl provider/ supplier
  7. facilitate move and set-up to fibre/vdsl

Choosing the right type of VoIP service is important in order to make optimal use of the technology for greater benefits and lower costs. There are multiple VoIP options on the market and working through the options can be time consuming and confusing.
The equipment you need for VoIP can be cheap or expensive, a mix of the two or somewhere in-between. What you need and what you buy will very much depend on your needs and your budget. For hardware-based VoiP solutions we will recommend a solid material.
IT Support Ltd will provide independent advice to help you decide what type of VoIP service is best and then we can introduce you to a trusted provider who best suits your business needs, budget and culture. We aren’t tied into any agreements with any single supplier. This leaves us open to independently advise and recommend the best priced options available on the market.
It’s possible to keep existing business numbers in some cases as they can be transferred (ported). Not only can we help with the purchase, we also help with the project management to ensure the set-up and/or transition to VoIP goes as smoothly as possible with minimal to no disruption.
Finally, a word on quality
If all the steps we have outlined above are followed correctly with the help of trusted professionals, advice and equipment, you should expect getting set-up and going to be a pleasant process.
If not done correctly IP Telephony / VoIP can be a source of frustration. We have been called in to help frustrated business after they have already moved to VoIP. Most commonly we find most issues are as a result of bad voice quality and dropped calls, usually related to bad or inadequate internet connection, bandwidth and coverage.
We can’t stress enough the importance of working through the process to ensure you have the necessary internet connection together with the appropriate solution and best hardware for your budget. It is also very important to subscribe with an IP Telephony company that guarantees excellent support as part of the package.
IT Support places significant value on understanding customer needs and the importance of ongoing support. We also value all the technical and professional relationships that bring support and value to the table. For that reason, we will only recommend service providers we are confident can and will provide the best solutions with the best support options.
IT Support is an Auckland based company delivering technical IT services and advice to businesses. We are Gilligan Sheppard’s IT provider and can help you if needed. Specialising in total IT technology solutions, services include design, development, implementation and support of business networks, applications, systems integrations and management and maintenance including cloud based services.
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