The Culture of Family

Gilligan Sheppard has always been known by its team for being caring, compassionate and treating team members as part of a family. This has been true for one of our ex team members who retired about six years ago. This team member would still visit every month or so to collect the stamps we had saved off envelopes, get us to send an email or just to catch up and have a little chat. Various team members always made time for these little catch ups.
Unfortunately earlier this year her appendix burst, which was then further complicated with an infection. The end result has seen her move into a retirement home with full hospital care. Two of our team – Tanya Canty and myself – are her emergency contacts and as soon as we found out what was happening, we visited frequently and came away several times with lists of things to do and attend to on her behalf.
As her health improved, she was able to make decisions regarding her wellbeing and the lists got longer. Tanya and I took this on board and just wanted to ensure that she was going to be cared for in the best way possible. We visited the rest home, took photos and suggested the best room for her. We helped move personal items from her home and setup her new room so it was going to be familiar when she arrived. We are still helping by attending to administration, completing forms and paying invoices on her behalf.
We were recognised by the GS Partners in a team meeting and congratulated for showing empathy, care, and for doing beyond what was required. This is what makes the Gilligan Sheppard family special. We would do it all again to take care of our family – something which is valued by all.

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