Tanya's 20 year celebration

Tanya celebrated being at Gilligan Sheppard for twenty years! The team enjoyed an afternoon out of the office and lunch at the Langham Eight Restaurant.
Tanya was asked to reflect on her time at Gilligan Sheppard and some of the memories were absolute pearlers…
“My most memorable experience at Gilligan Sheppard always happened at the Conferences and are not recollections you can put in writing!”
“Twenty years ago there were three computers; one to do the tax returns and the other two for general stuff – we all had to share – GST wasn’t automatically taken out of transactions and final accounts were word processed. I also remember the reception being painted a very bright green.”
“As far as big events happening in my time here, well we’ve moved floors and come back again and had a new office layout twice. I have also seen Bruce without a beard.”
“My favourite time of day is lunchtime, of course. Ha ha, actually, my favourite part of a typical day is that bit when you discover what challenges lie ahead and then start tackling my way through.”

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