Runner Up Congratulations!

After 10 weeks of balancing rehearsals, study and fundraising the big night finally arrived! The many hours of practising and training prepared me well and as expected the show went by in the blink of an eye. What I didn’t expect was to come out of it with so many new skills and enough wonderful memories to last me a lifetime. The friendships I made are the kind that last, and mean more to me than any crown or title ever could. It was truly an incomparable experience.
We made our way through all the sections – the production number, our fashion round sponsored by Flo & Frankie in New Market, resort wear, and finally evening gown. In the end I was crowned First Runner Up to the incredible Michelle Isemonger who took out the title! I was also awarded the prize for best in the Evening Gown section which completely blew me away as it is the hardest walk to perfect. It certainly was a night to remember!
My Miss Auckland journey is over, but I’m excited for the next one to begin and I am thrilled to say that it will be a graduate accounting role with Gilligan Sheppard! The team has provided more support and encouragement than I ever could have asked from a sponsor, and in fact I struggle to come up with a firm where I think I would be better suited as an employee.
Thank you Gilligan Sheppard!

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