GS Conference – April 2014

Our annual conference this year was held at Woodlyn Park, only two minutes away from Waitomo Caves with unique accommodation on board the beautifully refurbished Waitomo Express Rail Car. There’s a limestone waterfall inside the main building complete with glow worms, as well as old bottles, cans and farming artefacts.
During our meetings the teams had opportunities to think about real life situations that our clients have experienced and what sort of questions we need to ask to gather the information required to come up with solutions. We also looked at our internal processes to ensure we are working more effectively, efficiently and as a team.
Bumper Soccer was a blast – it’s the same rules as normal soccer; get the ball to the goal – no rules for tackling though, as soon as you went for the ball, anyone could bump into you and bowl you over. Such fun!
Half of the team chose Black Water Rafting and the other half chose the Glow Worm Tour – both run by ‘The Legendary Black Water Rafting Company’ – and boy was it legendary! We were guided through the stunning underworld of Ruakuri Cave. For the rafting, you get a wetsuit, tube and a helmet with a light on it… man is the water cold!! It was truly spectacular and a highly recommended experience.
We enjoyed learning about our pioneer history in combination with a farm show at Woodlyn Park. Audience participation meant we sheared sheep, sawed logs, helped to explode logs and were in fits of laughter listening to the host Billy Black. We were introduced to some bush animals including a dancing pig! It was an awesome entertainment show that we highly recommend – check out his website He’s doing a show in the Viaduct soon – so if anyone wants to contact him for team building or a corporate show while he’s in Auckland, give him a call 07 878 6666.
Of course there was the annual quiz night with different categories ranging from vegetables to music.
Here’s some from the Music category;
1) Name the band… “I know my mind is made up. So put away your make up.”
a) Prince. b) The Cars. c) Scandal. d) The Police.
2) Finish the lyrics… “Life is a highway……”
a) I want to run across. b) I want to ride it all night long. c) I want to ride it with my friends.
3) Finish the lyrics… “Hayley I know you miss you mom, I know you miss you dad, but when I’m gone, I’m tryin to give you….”
a) a big house with mom and dad. b) lots of money and love. c) the life i never had.
4) Bonus point – who sings it?
From the Observation category;
5) In which hand is the Statue of Liberty’s torch?
6) What two numbers on the telephone dial don’t have letters by them?
7) On which side of a women’s blouse are the buttons?
8) Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc… who’s missing?
From the Vegetables category;
9) I am originally from the Mediterranean, perhaps Sicily. In the middle ages I was thought to be an aphrodisiac. My claim to fame however, is having the one and only Marilyn Munroe being crowned queen of my kind in 1947! What am I?
a) Brussell Sprout. b) Asparagus. c) Carrot. d) Artichoke.

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