Gilligan Sheppard Office Closed

Gilligan Sheppard will be closed on Monday 24th April and will reopen on Wednesday 26th April after ANZAC Day.
The team have worked incredibly hard to meet our tax deadlines and requirements with the IRD. So, in preparation for the year ahead, we’re giving our team an extra-long weekend to rest, recuperate and recharge.
If your matter is urgent, you can contact Debra Houghton on 021 986 144.
If you’re feeling a little run down yourself, here are some tips to recharge over the weekend.

10 Ways to recharge on your day off

It’s almost impossible to have a complete day off work – with email notifications on your phone or thoughts wandering to your to-do list, your mind isn’t far away from your desk. But you need to unwind from the previous week and recharge for the upcoming week. Here are some tips to help you unplug and relax…

  1. Don’t check your email when you wake up
    Don’t start your day by going straight into work and answering stressful emails. During your day off, keep your phone out of your room so you can begin your day with a peaceful frame of mind.
  2. Do things that will nurture your soul
    During your time off, it’s vital for you to do something for yourself while you take time off to recharge your mind and soul. Take a walk through nature, meditate, read a book, learn something new.
  3. Slow down your day
    Rather than being stressed by trying to accomplish a billion errands, slow time down by enjoying the little moments. Find time to slow down your pace and just be. We’re human beings, not human doings.
  4. Surround yourself in nature
    Take a drive far away from busy city life and enjoy nature with your loved ones, like going to the beach or taking a hike in a park.
  5. Do low-stress exercise
    Instead of stressing your body out with a vigorous exercise routine, try a different approach by doing yoga or another type of mindful exercise.
  6. Refrain from using electronics
    According to Forbes, using electronics can subconsciously induce stress. Instead, read a book, go to a concert, or dance with your friends.
  7. Don’t do any work
    According to Fast Company, while some successful people do work on the weekends, they make sure to involve a certain amount of time where they don’t do anything.
  8. Rekindle relationships
    Your time off should be about what makes you happy, and usually, friends are a great way to revitalize those happy hormones.
  9. Focus on your mind
    Has your brain been feeling burnt out lately? Find new ways to peacefully engage with your mind so you can revitalize it before the work week starts.
  10. Eat healthy
    While that ice cream cone sounds amazing, if you’re feeling anxious and stressed it’s probably a better idea to consider eating foods that will wholly replenish your body and mind.

Read the full article (which has an extra tip) on Bustle by clicking here.

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